Hi there,

I had created a system using vb.net and I wish to convert into html form or in asp.net, I want to set the system into website form.
Can I do that? Please advice on this.
Or I have to start from the beginning to develop the website?
Thanks. :)


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I assume that you had created a WinForms application using VB.NET.

ASP.NET is a platform for developing web sites using .NET.

WinForms and ASP.NET differs in many things such as Architecture, Object model, Deployment etc.

HTML page is basically used to display static information to the end users over web.

If your application capture inputs from users, validates and stores them into storage medium such database, XML, you need to go for ASP.NET.

Hence you need to learn ASP.NET and start from beginning to convert your VB.NET application into ASP.NET web site.

ASP.NET web sites can be developed using C# or VB.NET. Therefore you can leverage your VB.NET skills to devlop an ASP.NET site.

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