Dear members,

I am after some help with a script I am trying to write/use!

I am currently re-designing a website for an animal charity for which they would like to add a section in the members area where people can upload their own photos of their animals/pets.

I have come into some major problems though and so i thought I would seek the help from the experts!

Basically ... I have a MYSQL database set up for the user login and have managed to get a user basic user profile by converting a script I have!

I have tried converting some scripts I found on the net.

The database is set up with the following tables/fields:

Table ... members :
Fields .. id, username

Table ... photos
Fields... id, name, image, member_username, selected

I have a directory named photos that I am trying to get the photos uploaded to!

All I am trying to do is to get the script to actually work and upload a photo before trying to convert it so that members can upload photos.

However, every attempt has not been successful.

I basically want it so members can upload their own pet picture that is either jpeg,jpg or gif format and under a certain size. I would also like it so that members cannot upload a photo which is the same name.

It would be good to be able to limit the amount of photos a member can upload to say 5 and also allow them to choose one as their profile photo.

Please please can anyone give me any advice or scripts that they know of that will work as this would be very much appreciated by the charity and myself.

Many Thanks

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Ive been giving this script another go and have so far managed to get it to work.

However, when I upload a photo that has spaces in the file name, it doesnt seem to work.

Anyone know why this is?

So for example .... if I upload a photo named:

My Dog ...I just see a red cross in the place of the picture.

Whereas if I upload the photo named MyDog ...it works.

Any help is appreciated hugely.



hallo sir
i need multiple upload script in php. eventually i upload 3 photo after that i click my navi menu add more photos button.again i upload photo this photos are stored in same location of that field .

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