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I work for a marquee firm and i am creating a php mysql components list for the assistance for loading equipment.
SO far, the user can input a marquee size (eg: 6mx3m) in a form and we search the database and output the items required for said marquee size.

This is the code

<h2>Components List</h2>


		if (isset($_POST['frame'])){
			$size  = $_POST['first'].'x'.$_POST['second'];
			echo "&nbsp; Components needed for a $size  are;";
			echo "<br />";
			$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM frames WHERE size='$size'",$conn);
			$row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
				echo "Legs: ";
				echo $row['legs'];
				echo "<br />";
				echo "Roof Beams: ";
				echo $row['roof-beams'];
				echo "<br />";
				echo "Middle Legs: ";
				echo $row['middlelegs'];
				echo "<br />";
				echo "Inner Purlins: ";
				echo $row['purlins'];
				echo "<br />";
				echo "Outer Purlins: ";
				echo $row['outer-purlins'];
				echo "<br />";
				echo "Fat Bars: ";
				echo $row['fat-bars'];
				echo "<br />";
				echo "Top Bars: ";
				echo $row['top-bars'];
				echo "<br />";
				echo "Bottom Bars: ";
				echo $row['bottom-bars'];
				echo "<br />";
				echo "Spiggots: ";
				echo $row['spiggots'];
				echo "<br />";
				echo "Base Plates: ";
				echo $row['base-plates'];
				echo "<br />";
				echo "Chains: ";
				echo $row['chains'];
				echo "<br />";
    <form action="<?php $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];?>" method="post">
    Frame Size<br />
    <input type="text" name="first" width="2" />&nbsp;x&nbsp;<input type="text" name="second" width="2" /><bR />
    <input type="submit" name="frame"  value="Get Components" />

My aim and problem is if the user has three or four marquees to load how would i implement the forms and how, if possible, could the whole lot be added together so the output remains how it i now with all the components added together!

eg if the user wants a 6x3m frame tent he would need 4 legs but if he also needed a 6x6m he would need a further 6 making the output 10. Sounds complicated but i'm sure it is quite possible i'm just not sure on how to go about it!

Any help, pointers are always appreciated.

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If the marquees are std sizes and there are only a few of them, you could have a quantity box next to each size label. Each textbox should have an id / name something like 'marquee_<?php echo $row;?>'.

In your post array you could then search the ids against your db and then multiply the value by the db 'poles' value to get a total.


There is no standard size, there is a mixed variation of sizes.
It is just a method i am after or an idea of a method.



your going to need to have more than one option to input the H and W. Once you have that then make the inputs into an array and then loop through the array.

$sizes = array('5X4', '3X8', '2X6');

foreach($sizes as $current){

You need to extract the relevant records and multiply by the quantity of each and then sum the individual fields:


(get the info from INNER JOIN sql - userorders and frames)

for each record...

$legs .= $row['legs'] * $quantity[$i];
$rbeams .= $row['roof-beams'] * $quantity[$i];
... etc ...

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