Hi, All
I am playing a video file (FLV) in my web page. Its running fine. My problem is, when i click on another thumbnail of video its refreshing whole page. that's not looking good.
Have you any solution for playing the video without refreshing page .
i am using UpdatePanel also. but problem is how can i pass the file name in video palyer without refreshing page.
Every suggestion will very useful for me.



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well does anyone knows how does this behave with huge number of users and with multiple formats? In my previous company we have video website. Also took ffmpeg and then it wasn't working so fine. I heard (i left that company) that they bought some custom component for that work.

I wanned to ask does anyone has experience with huge number of users video websites and what happens there? I guess i would have minimum 200k users daily while website will be youtube like. I was looking at media server doc, and i am interested in real streaming and multicasting? Does anyone has experience with this?

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