I am a newbie here.
I have some wondering thing.
Can all friends give me your comment, what do you think about the programmer who keep all their backup files on the server?
For example: We use osCommerce to make our shop but every time when make a change to something, they will keep all backup files like these:
htdocs/catalog/index2.php or

htdocs/catalog/includes/application_top2.php, etc.

And I can see that there are a lot of these thing on the server.

One more thing. We use 301 redirect to our catalog directory, but I am now detect a huge list of links showing without catalog directory on it and it's cause 404 errors.
Example: http://www.mywebsite.com/lcd-c-52.html which should be http://www.mywebsite.com/catalog/lcd-c-52.html

I don't know where are that come from. Any help or recommendation would be really appreciated. Thank you.


I have found the problem.
It's because the programmer have added direct html link to category menu like this <a href="lcd-tv-37-lcd-tv-c-52_136_164.html">.
It's really surprised me!!! Cannot believe!!!

Get subversion (SVN).

tortoisesvn.net for more info.

Instead of making backups everywhere it will save every version of every file on a backup server, which you can "most of the time" setup on your normal server if you have full access to it.

I would highly recommend saving it to another server though in case yours breaks.

With SVN if you need to roll back you can do it with about 2 mouse clicks to any saved (and commited) version of the file from the whole history of the file.

Hi kevindougans,

Thank you for recommendation. Really useful for me. Also, I can fix the problem for that company. I think they use some kind of backup but some of their programmer just did the lazy way, backup everywhere.

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