Hi, I've installed:

Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express

Microsoft Visual Web Developer

SQL Server 2005 Express

How am I supposed to use sql server?
Can I use it from both C# 2005 Express and VWD?

I haven't got a clue whats going on, I can't even uninstall sql server.
Is there any instructions that are clear and actually work.


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Yes you can, to create databases and connect to them you go view -> server explorer

check microsofts site, under the express section, there are loads of video tutorials


Yes, one can detach a database, mail across the .MDF and .LDF files and these can then be attached as database at the other end.


Thats why microsoft give you a built in database (northwind) so you dont have to get one to start off.


thats cool

have you guys used SQL express?

thats much easier to transfer database IMHO - i export my databases and send them as part of the installer along with my Visual Studio / Visual Web Developer applications.


We use both depending on the app. I have SQL for web apps, we also code for company sql databases and we use SQL express for some small desktop apps but mainly use SQL express so our users can work offline and then it will sync back to a main SQL Database when they are connected to the net

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