I have a collections to be populated in a JSP combo box. Now suppose there is a different page for each user which displays user specific values in a combo box in that page.

The combobox should display the value from the collection specific to the user. But my combo box just shows the first value which is <html:option> value.

Anyone knows how to do that? I mean pre selecting (a selected value of combo box) a user specific value in combo box.

to make it more simpler, lets say there is a combo box called "Manager" in the user page and it should display different Manager for different users. And this combo box is having a collection of managers.

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This is more of an HTML question rather than a JSP question,

You have to add the parameter selected="selected" for the Option element you want to be selected by default.

An example is as follows:-
Consider you combobox has four elements Volvo, Saab, Fiat and Audi and you want Fiat selected by default, then you would have to do the following:-

    <form action="">
      <select name="cars">
        <option value="volvo">Volvo</option>
        <option value="saab">Saab</option>
        <option value="fiat" selected="selected">Fiat</option>
        <option value="audi">Audi</option>

<html:option> is used with Apache Struts something like this example (There is no explanation to code, just reference from which book the code come )
For stuts tutorial on form you may consider look at this tutorial, maybe this from from IBM (based on Websphere, but general logic can be re-used) or Advanced Forms Handling in Struts 1.1 (includes example of code in zip form)

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Shucks I gotta learn to read the posts ,ore carefully

Thanks guys for your reply. I am using Struts tags here. I followed the tutorial there too. I have property set in the form and it has the value but it does not show up in the combo box as selected value. Combo box still shows the "-1" <html:option> value.


I have no idea about the structure of your database what sort of data you keep but surly somewhere along you looking up/checking to what group user belong so you would be able to get this info and incorporate it in your selection...

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