echo "<meta http-equiv=Refresh content=0;url=login.php?nflag=".$nflag.">";

Here i pass PHP variable nflag.
Can any body tell me where this variable(nflag) is store. So when i use
the statement ;


and get that value. Where the value of 'nflag is stored', ans from where _GET[] array is formed. What are the default value of _GET[] array? Please any body help me.

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So the line in the middle of the example above is basically telling the server to 'get' the variable 'nflag' from the url bar and to echo/display it.
From: http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread147753.html

You may want to check the reply I made on your previous post.
The array $_GET[] basically just tells the server to get a variable from the url bar and the name of that variable goes between the two brackets. So say for example the address is as follows:
Then to get the variable 'do' you would use the following code to print/echo/display it to the browser:

<? echo $_GET['do']; ?>
Above produces below

or if you wanted to get the other variable in that address you would use

<? echo $_GET['t']; ?>
above produces below:

So the $_GET array and any other array beginning with $_ (dollar sign then underscore) is a inbuilt function.
As for the default value, there is no default value as it only holds the values that are in the url bar.

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Good Reply...

Thanks cwarn23
But I hv a doubt. How can i check whether there are any value in url bar or empty. I mean how can i check there is a value in url or not. If there only address in url bar, then what is the value of _GET[]?


Well $_GET[] should always have quotation marks between the brackets and numbers/letters/characters between the quotation marks. So $_GET[] on its own isn't a valid command. You need something like $_GET or $_GET and if it does not exist in the url bar then it will return a string with 0 letters 0 numbers and 0 characters. So basically a $_GET statement which has letters between the brackets and quotation marks but those letters/variable does not exist in the url bar will return the below string if you remove the quotation marks:
"" - as you can see there is nothing between those quotation marks so you will just receive a blank string if it does not exist in the url bar.

So just a reminder, you always need something between those brackets (more than just quotation marks).

I just saw more of what you are asking for and to check if there is nothing there i prefer to use the preg replace function just like follows:

if ($urlvars='')
	//code in here

The preg replace should be something along those lines.

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