I have an wsdl file, I puted the wsdl file in the app_code folder ("I am using visual studio 2008"), as it is supposed to be it generated the proxy for me. But the proxy file containes object type parameter for all functions even for the functions that are not supposed to have parameteres, also all functiones return objects!!! -.- .

Anyway, I tried to call a function that is supposed to get me a list of countries but I get an exception that says "There was an error generating the XML document"

Any Idea whats going on?

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Please post the XML file

Please post the XML file

Well I only have the WSDL file and I am using visual studio to generate the proxy class for me.

Thanks for your concern

Just to give you feedback of what did I do to solve this problem. I changed my mind on using the proxy class that was generated by visual studio, becauase the webservice is written with Java I thought that it might be the problem in the generated proxy class. Well I used the Rest style HTTP request instead of the proxy class. In the HTTP requerst you invoke the url of the webservice passing some parameters depending on the webservice you are working on.

Things are working fine till now, wish me luck

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