I use to use all for loops for looping through database data sets and just started using while loops with mysql_fetch_ type functions and for some reason, the second mysql_fetch loop in the file never seems to fire but does when I switch the second one to a for loop. Does anyone know a reason for this? Is there some type of array pointer that I need to reset or something?

actually, I mostly work with postgres so it is usually pg_fetch_assoc, which should be the same thing anyway.

I found it. The function I need to use is mysql_data_seek() for mysql. I cannot find an equivalent for postgres like pg_data_seek(). Anybody have any ideas what I would use for postgres?

Just bringing back to the top to see if anybody can shed some light here.

I found it, actually got it from phpfreaks. surprisingly got the answer within 10 minutes of posting. There are a lot of good php users there but its so dry though. I much prefer daniweb. Anyway the function is pg_result_seek().

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