I hv design a progress bar, the method start_progrss() starts the progress bas and the method end_progrss() stops the progress bar.

I develop two file 1. loginfile.php and
2. downloadfile.php
My loginfile.php contain two text fields user name and password.

/*********loginfile.php ************/

function mysubmit(){
start_progress(); // here i start progress bar
window.location.href = "downloadfile.php?getLoginName=" + getLoginName+"&getLoginPass="+getLoginPass;


Now my problem is how i stop progress bar by calling stop_progress() once the user name and password is verified. Please give any suggestion.

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You appear to have got the wrong forum? This is a javascript problem I believe. I can, however, help you with a PHP progress bar if you like? I have experience in this, so let me know.

Christopher Lord

Thanks heenix . Yes I want PHP progress bar. Please Help me.

Hi, I want to display a progress bar when one file is downloading in php. Can any body help me?

Hi, I want to display a progress bar when one file is downloading in php. Can any body help me?

This is a duplicate thread, I was about to reply to your other thread (currently the one *below* this in the forum tables). I've not got forever to explain the workings of PHP file uploading or provide you with all the code, so i've got some resources for you to look at.

http://bluga.net/projects/uploadProgressMeter/ - Open source progress meter
http://www.raditha.com/php/progress.php - Using a mix of PERL and PHP
http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/os-php-v525/index.html - How to do this in PHP 5.2 +

Believe it or not, this was all in the first page of a google query for "php file upload progress".

Christopher Lord.

Ah, I've posted about uploading files. Which may confuse you, I've not asked: what do you mean by downloading files in PHP? Once you download a web file, you have no control over it, the browser does. So i've assumed you were talking about file uploads.

Christopher Lord


I've developed a ready to use script (javascript) using PHP(for demo)

You can take a look here http://developers.sirika.com/mfu/

Hope it will help some of you


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