Hi guys (and girls),

My friend is considering starting an eCommerce website. He already has a website through which he sells products, but it is almost manually maintained (static HTML) and he has a hard time catching up with all the updates, as his sales have been increasing ever since.

He is interested in investing in shopping cart software. He asked me to try googling for reviews, and here I am - I'm asking you. I ran onto several, the Ultracart, Interspire Shopping Cart and CS-Cart. So far, I find Interspire Shopping Cart most promising.

What do you think?

Thank you

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I've been doing business with Interspire for two years now and their Shopping Cart is full-featured and easy to manage. If you can afford it, just go for it.


You can as well hire a programmer to develop a unique cart right from the ground up. That way all the features you need in a shopping cart will be included, leaving out those features you would never use- the difference between custom-made and already-made.


I prefer cs-cart .. it is not free .. it is a fantastic cart I saw .. as I used osCommerce and zenCart .. Finally I found that cs-cart is the best .. I think it costs 265 dollar .. with unique features ..

you can visit the link of cs-cart.com ..

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