I am working on a search page. When you type the person's
name insted of displaying a listing I want to be redirectd to
the user information.
I am getting a warninig:
Warning: cannot modify header information - headers already
sent( at start of D:\search.php: 108) in d:\search_play.php on line 242

How can suggest a way I redirect or be automatically sent to a nother
page without using header()?

//search.php is the html form
<form action="<php echo $SERVER['PHP_SELF'];?>" method = "post">  <!--line 108-->
//search_play.php process and display results
header("Location:../user_info.php"); //line 242

Try putting a space between location: and your first 2 full stops like below.

header("Location: ../user_info.php");

Make sure there is no 'Whitespace' in your code either.

As long as you don't output anything to the web browser, you should be fine using the header redirect option.

There's some META REFRESH tag, but I've never used it.

Don't send out a doctype until you do your redirects.