I have a web site that I built using HTML and CSS.
I uploaded the site to the server and it works great except for the add to cart button.
I took the site down and put the old one back up because the shopping cart is not working.

The view cart and add to cart button both work locally. But once its uploaded the add to cart button does not work properly.
The add to cart button adds the item to the cart but does not redirect you to the shopping cart like it should. It just reloads the current page that you are on. The link for the view cart and shopping cart are the same. How do I fix this? Ive tried changing the link. Using href instead of a form..
Or a way to pop up a message saying that the item was added click here to continue to checkout or continue shopping?

Thank You,

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Hard to figure out unless I can see the code.

This the add to cart button

<form name='cartadd' method='post' action='http://store.dreambirthday.net/servlet/Cart'>
<input type='hidden' name="smode" value="add" />
<input type="hidden" name="product_no" value="2610" />
<input type="submit" value="Add To Cart"  style="width: 100px; height: 23px; border-style:outset;border-color:fuchsia"  /></p>

This is the view cart button

<form name='viewcart' method='post' action='http://store.dreambirthday.net/servlet/Cart'>
<input type="submit" value="View Cart"  style="width: 100px; height: 23px; border-style:outset;border-color:fuchsia"  /></p>

The problem then would be in the configuration file for the store.

Ok. I can get to the config folder through FTP.. The only thing that is in that folder is a file called ipaddr. The only thing in that file is the an ip address. How do I go about fixing the configuration of the store.

The store is hosted on Valueweb/ Hostway. They use a store called WebStores.

Any ideas on how to fix it? Anyone?

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