I have a new pgrm. by Shadowstor called "Shadowsufer".It creates a virtual
replica of your comp. inside your own, consequently anything you encounter while surfing attaches to the virtual copy.when finished, reboot and the virt. mach is gone,along with anything you don't want. It only works on 2000, and xp, i believe because of the system arch. involved with .net framework, which i think is responsible for the "restore" program to function.BUT, I got my first computer 7 months ago
so I really don't know JACK DOODLE.Thats why i'm asking someone smarter than myself.If i'm even close shouldn't i be able to change win98's arch. with
.net framework so i can use it instead of XP(p stands for patch).

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If you're so ignorant about Windows architecture and versions, what qualifies you to make statements like "p stands for patch"?
No need to politically correct anti-Microsoft rants here kid.

Windows 98 is by now 7 years old, it's end of life.
In other words: don't use it, use XP which is a lot more stable and secure (plus ever more software will simply not run or not run properly on Winddows 98).

As to your real question, I don't know the internal architecture of that software but it may well be built using .NET technology. It's a good platform to work on for building Windows applications and for the next Windows version will be the preferred architecture with only legacy support available for traditional programming models.

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