Hi all,

I wanted to ask if it is a good idea to install PHP on a windows XP machine running IIS? A lot of the documentation I have read talks about Windows 2000 Server with IIS, but not XP.

At work I run PHP on a Linux-like platform (FreeBSD to be precise) but I have never installed it in a Windows environment before. Is there any major differences between versions that I should be aware of?

Any advice would be most welcome and appreciated. :)


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I found installation under IIS to be tricky, I would rather run Apache

Hi peter_budo and thanks for the reply,

Most of the installation documentation that I have found seems to imply that IIS installs are tricky, but I was hoping to give it a try as my home PC already runs IIS. Was it just the install that was tricky for you, or was it also harder to maintain? What other advantages are there to running Apache than just the install?

It was tricky to setup
Advantages will be the speed from Apache, speed with which you can add new modules and lot more documentation then for IIS

commented: Thanks for the advice :) +3

Ok, thanks for the advice. I think I will change tack and install Apache.

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