OK im trying to make a script but I dont know how to do it exactally, what i want to make is a board for buttons where the visitor can come and put the url of their button and therir link and their button will be displayed. and once it has reached the limit you set it will push the last button off and add yours to the top. I know it will need to record the info into a data base and I would like it to also like it to record the users ip address. plus I would like a control panel where you can:
ban ip addressed
block urls
number of images you want shown
manage entried with a view of the url and entry so you can chnage the image, link or just delete it!
block certain words from being used in entries!
change button size
change log in info
block image url
if no button is submitted automaticly put one of your chosing
chose how many cloumns
manage sticky buttons how many time to remove, once removed replace with what link and button, diration of the plug
button click statistics
auto detect if there is a button from that url already
add sticky plug and remove

I dont even know where to begin, so any ideas on where to start and how to achiev this?

So your wanting something similar to a banner script right? Why not download any banner script and just use buttons instead of banners?
If your wanting someone to design 1 for you, it can be done. If your wanting to design it yourself, start withthe SQL and the Tables. Focus on gathering the information you posted on here and write them down if your ne to this so you will get use to knowing how you want it and having it to function.

Personally, Id start with the Layout for the Control panels and any other pages you want to add, then I would write the database and making a connection, afterwords, makeing a test.php to see if the connection is working or do i get an error stating that It cant find nor connect to the database, then afterwords if everything is working right, start on desining the tables for the database.

Once all that is completed, then I would write the rest of the scripts onto the pages I want to use for the entire script aka buttons script, and Im done.

Did this answer your question or did I miss someting?