I have an emergency. Over the past few weeks I have been helping a developer at our company develop a web application for use on the intranet. All I was doing was some basic css to create the look & feel. However, since then the developer has left the company and it has fallen to me to complete. I have very little ASP.NET knowledge, and just about understand the technology but have no idea about coding.

The application is required to be written in VB. It is a financial application that calculates who is available for a rebate from the company. It must read from a database to collect a list of customers and assign them to a rebate scheme, which must also be able to be created by the user in the application. Then, the application must read sales data from another database to calculate who has qualified for a rebate according to the scheme, and then generate the rebate.

I have very little knowledge about this, and it has fallen to me to do it.

This may be a long shot, but does anyone want to help me as I go through this, page by page?

I have no other options!!! This is an emergency!!!

If anyone needs any more information, I will be more than happy to give it as I should be developing this application full time but have no idea what I should be doing. If it helps, my first idea is to create the page which loads the customer names.

The requirement is that data is pulled from database A which contains customer names and put into a table1. This table is saved into its own database (database B) and when the application starts, the list reads from here. The reason for this is that customers need to be able to be selected by the user and put into a group. Once a customer is in a group, it must disapppear from table1. Therefore, if more customers are added to database A and reloaded into table1, it should remember that some are already in a group and not update the list again. This is because a customer cannot be in more than one group.

This is my first task, I understand what is required, but not how to do it. I've put a datagrid on the page but that's not what I want, can anyone help me? Please let me know if you need any more information, I will be more than happy to help out.




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Calm down

Post the section of code that is not working properly and let us know your problem, then we will help

its much easier to work on pieces of the complete problem, than the whole thing all at once

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