Hi ,
I have a Questionnaire form in my application, which i am developing using C# & ASP.NET. The form should have a fixed number of main questions (8) and each main Question has a number of sub questions (say 6). I created a repeater to accomplish this. SOme Main questions may have only 2 sub questions.. others may have 6 sub questions..
The form displays and print nice on IE but on MAC, the empty rows are visible and the print out doesnt look good with all the empty rows. What can I do to get rid of these empty spaces on Mac?
Thanks in advance

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its not about the mac, its about the browser, safari i assume

try to set this on the table style and see if it corrects it


that worked like acharm. thank you so much.. i really appreciate it. i had been experimenting with this since morning.. thank you so much..

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