I have recently downloaded the latest version of ''Open Web Spider'' (OpenWebSpider# v0.1.3) from here:


and have extracted the zip file, but when I looked into what I've got,
I could hardly figure out what to do. No ''install'' file or anything like

Can anyone please tell me what I should do in order to start using it?

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What you have to do is get a hosting account with MySQL (Probably a really big database or an unlimited one) and PHP. Then simply run the .sql files from your PhpMyAdmin (or other MySQL manager) and copy the files to your site. You might consider using an old computer (with lots of free space) that is connected to the internet. Search Google for XAMPP. It has PHP and MySQL and should be able to get you going. The .cs files that "crawl" the internet should be able to run on a windows/linux based system. If you need some further help, I am a expert PHP coder and know my way around C and XAMPP so just PM me!!!
Good Luck!
(And beware Google, you have some competition!! lol :D )

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