any recommendation for a good reciprocal link exchang script? should be able to organize links into categories, search engine friendly web pages, etc....

Pls. advise.

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is there any free, program dani.

thanks for your recommendation, i've just downloaded their trial. their Customer support seems quite fast at this point.

Yes, they are. I've engaged in a few e-mail chats with them awhile back.

Dani, thanks for your suggestion. After I tried linkautomate, I decide to buy it. The software's features are powerful and configurable. Thanks, and I don't need to spend time to source another software.

I'm glad you decided to purchase it. I tried it - it was really nice, just wasn't for me. I was happier having to do some coding myself, but instead using a script heavily integrated into these forums.

Their script is really powerfull danny. it searches for the links.

Dani i would be team up with u, if we both can script something like that for our sites.

if you are willing let me know.


any recommendation for a good reciprocal link exchang script? should be able to organize links into categories, search engine friendly web pages, etc....

Pls. advise.

There is a new (released 2-10-05) reciprocal link exchange script here.

Link Exchange Script

I use it on a few of my sites and its a good way to increase your inbound links. Please sign up for a link and you approve or disapprove, this script will also check yourback links to see if they are still linking.

Take a look at this:

Product Features

•Show Reciprocal Link Page Rank
•Automatic reciprocal link checker
• Category and Link indexing
• Admin link approval
• Category link approval
• Categories and links can be added, edited or deleted
• Web based administration area with easy navigation.
• Administer Links Lite from any internet connected computer in the world.
• Secure administration area
• Easy configuration
• Ability to change username and password
• Notification of link submission
• Show or hide latest links
• Search facility
• Set the number of and latest links to be displayed
• All forms Javascript client side validated and server side validation
• All colors, fonts and sizes can be customized through a stylesheet
• Adjustable recordset paging for links page
• Uses an Access 2000 relational database with full referential integrity.
• Free Technical Support
• and much much more...

Server Requirements

Written in ASP, VBScript. No components to be installed.
All the ASP pages must be run through an ASP enabled web server - Microsoft IIS 4 or above.
If you are unsure whether your webserver supports ASP then send
your webhosting company an email asking them.
Links Lite will not work on other platforms.
Email component - CDONTS, CDO, ASPMail. (Can be modified to support other components upon request)

Database Requirements

This script uses a Microsoft Access 2000.
The Access database is provided with examples.
This script will work for IE and Netscape 4 browsers and above.
Befor Buy please download the component test and check your server compatibility.

hi friends,

i am looking for a recip link exchange script for
windows 2003 server is there any please let me know

I have more sites on different theme if you are interested for link exchange then you can PM me with details. [TEX]:) [/TEX]

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