Have I got this right?
I have a massive form with about 150 text fields with about 10 min of which need to be filled in. If I add a .js file and my .css file to the server that checks the form fields as the user fills it in with correct validation this will overcome the client side of on/off javascript. The form will be using the .js file on the server to check the fields regardless of the client.
Take me about 3 days to make and code all this but i'm sure i'll get there.
I then have a .php file which will extract all the data and email it back to me. Thus the .php file will not need if & else statements as the .js will do it all in the process of filling it in.
Also I will set-up a protected folder which will store the .php, .css and .js files which will keep the files away from anybody trying to harrass me with injection.
Does this sound like the right way to do all this?
simple answers of yes or no and why will do me.
This is what I will call stage 1 of 2 but stage 2 will be next week at least

No absolutely not. You have such a huge form with so many text fields. From the user perspective imagine whether it is good to wait for the slow server to response for validation just for not filling a field.

That will be very frustrating!!