Hello all,

Well i'm after someone who has a valid licenced Vbulletin.

I want to use it on my new website that i'll be setting up very soon... and i want to have everything in order, and as soon as my server is up, i can install my software and start uploading everything.

Now i'm going to have forums run on my server!

I want someone who has a valid licenced Vbulletin that i can use, and that i can use for most of my forums that i'll be having....'

If you can help me, pls either PM me, e-mail me or add me on MSN - <EMAIL SNIPPED>

Being only 14, almost 15, i can't really afford vbulletin at the moment, but will to give the person who lets me use their vbulletin a small price each month for it......


Cohen :)

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It is unlike event that somebody will just give you early Christmas present in form of Vbulletin, it does cost $180.

You should consider other alternatives that are free like phpbb, simplemachines or Ikonboard

Yes, i have used phpbb before, and that is not good for what i want...

I have been looking at mybb and that seems good..

thanks for the other two..... i'll have a look at them.

Thanks again,



Well, take a offshore host that allows nulled scripts, and try a nulled version of vb...

(If someone asks you, you didn't get it (the idea) from me)

Suggesting illegal software is against the forum rules.
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