Thanks for the post, it really enhances my knowledge, i will also try to implement it in my site and then let you know about feedback

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I Resides in India & I use Tata Docomo Sim card, so what will be my cellphoneprovider as you said in .cfm file above.

can you sen me a real estate site url that uses this? Might be interested. thanks

how to send a free msg from internet to mobile or cell phone like way2sms or 160by2 sites in java or in php..............i want to get the code for my project........pls reply fast...thank u.

sending sms text via web
- user enters recipients-number & message into form
- form adds recipients-number@“mobile-providers.address”
- form sends email to "all providers"?
- ???
- profit

This wasn't very helpful, but thanks

I’m no Verizon fan, but…Verizon Messages on a computer (both a Windows 10 app, as well as a web page within the Verizon website), works with ANY texting app. I happen to also use Verizon Messages on my phone, but I don’t have to, nor does the phone have to be on. I have found that most of the time, when sending/receiving a text, the phone and computer versions stay synced up immediately…but sometimes they don’t…it’s weird. I was hoping Google’s option would be better than Verizon in that regard, but I see I also have to use Google’s texting app, which I don’t wanna do. Too bad.