I have two cfselects set up so that selecting an option in one populates the options of the 2nd select. It works perfectly on my local environment, but when I test it on our QA server, it gives the error: "Bind failed, element not found: sltBiz" where sltBiz is the id of the first cfselect. Does anyone have an idea on what could be causing this behavior?

Some research on this showed IE vs Firefox issues, but I get the same error in IE. It was also recommended that the cfform not be within a table, which is also not the case in my situation.

here is the code:

<cfform id="frmTemp">
	<cfselect name="sltBiz" id="sltBiz"
        <cfselect name="sltTemplate" id="sltTemplate"

Assuming the cfc's are okay. A few things to try separately for grins:

(Make sure your test page has only the cfselect code, nothing else)

1) Use different values for the select "name" and "id"
2) Use the element "ID" instead of "name" in the bind
3) Use a fully qualified element path for the second bind ie formName.elementNameOrID.value

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