Hi am new to cold fusion.
AM deigning a page where i need to list company names in dropdown1 and when i select any company i have to list the vendors belonging to the particularcompany in dropdown2.
When i select a partcular vendori n dropdown2 ,the address of the vendors must be displayed in the given 2 textboxes

I know how to accomplish this in java script but i wnt everyhing to be done in cold fusion.Can anyone help me in doing this by giving a sample code and am using a stored procedure from server sde instead of writing the select queries

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A CFC with 3 methods that can give you the companies,vendors,address

<cfform name="detailsForm">
    <cfselect name="company" bind="cfc:myCFC.getCompanies()" bindonload="true">
        <option name="0">--Select Company--</option>
    <cfselect name="vendor" bind="cfc:myCFC.getvendor({company})">
        <option name="0">--Select Vendor--</option>
<cfinput name="address" type="text" label="Address:" bind="cfc:myCFC.getvendorAddress({vendor})">

If you want to do with a CFM then use it like


want more detail... ask..

All the best


I've got a problem displaying cfselect dropdowns. I have several dropdowns, when choose one base on the selection before it, it works perfect. like country-state-city-zip.
But my problems, I need to let user able to choose from any dropdown and redraw others.
ie. Gender- school- sportType - gpa are dropdown selections. These dropdowns are populated from the same table by selecting distinct record. Just wondering if there is a way to populate the dropdowns matter user start from any dropdown first. Can I achieve it using cfselect?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If I could turn on and off coldfusion tag "bindonload" then it would be easier.

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