Happy new year to everyone..

in my sql db there r 2 tables. mathimata and apousies

from table -apousies- i "select" some data (the amount of absences) for a particular person (student) for every class he attended.
i want for every class of the above result to search in table -mathimata- and to find the board_of_absences of that classes (the field orio_apousiwn)


$qry="SELECT semester, math, apousies FROM apousies WHERE member='$all' order by semester"; // i get semester, class and absences for a particular student


if($result) {
while($grammh = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {

$result2=mysql_query(" Select distinct orio_apousiwn from mathimata where mathima='$grammh[math]' and semester='$grammh[semester]' ");

$orio =mysql_fetch_assoc($result2);

echo "Semester: $grammh[semester], class: $grammh[math], absences: $grammh[apousies], board_of_absences: $or1"."<BR>";}

exit(); }

The script is working. the data shows results except the first line of results that only board_of_absences ( orio_apousiwn) is empty

one result:

Semester:A, class: Γλώσσα, absences: 23, board_of_absences:
Semester:A, class: Φυσική, absences: 12, board_of_absences: 22
Semester:A, class: Χρήση Η/Υ, absences: 4, board_of_absences: 16

the 2 and 3 line are ok in 1 there is no value in board_of_absences: but it should be........

i can not understand why.....

can u help me?????

What is the number you are expecting to be in the first slot?
Also, have you checked to make sure all the numbers are correct?
And why are you using DISTINCT here:

Select distinct orio_apousiwn

Are all of those values expected to be unique?

yes, all the values are unique. U re right the distinct is not nessecery but for sure it doesnt cause the problem. i tried with or without it.

i will give u the data from table mathimata and from table apousies. it might help..

table mathimata

"1","1","Χρήση Η/Υ","A","16"
"7","4","Ιστορία τέχνης","A","12"

table apousies

"1","ΠΑΠΑΔΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ, ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ , ΓΡΗΓΟΡΙΟΣ","1","A","Γλώσσα","23"
"2","ΠΑΠΑΔΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ, ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ , ΓΡΗΓΟΡΙΟΣ","1","A","Φυσική","12"
"5","Χαραλαμπίδου, Μαρία, Βασίλειος","2","A","Οικοκυρικά","12"
"6","Χαραλαμπίδου, Μαρία, Βασίλειος","2","A","Γυμναστική","11"
"7","Χαραλαμπίδου, Μαρία, Βασίλειος","2","A","Γεωγραφία","10"

in the result i and published in my previous post (for student ΠΑΠΑΔΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ, ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ) iwas expecting the field orio_apousiwn (board_of_absences) to has value 23.

the data is in greek and i am not sure if i help or comfuse more by posting them

If this is your exact code you may be having inconsistencies due to syntax.

echo "Semester: $grammh[semester], class: $grammh[math], absences: $grammh[apousies], board_of_absences: $or1"."<BR>";
echo "Semester: ". $grammh['semester'].", class: ".$grammh['math'].", absences: ".$grammh['apousies'].", board_of_absences: ".$or1."<BR>";

If that does not help I would next take the second queries results stick it in its own loop and echo all of its results with the number key to make sure that comes out correct.

the data is in greek and i am not sure if i help or comfuse more by posting them

Its all Greek to me.