I recently used a cfmail tag to process a email form on a coldfusion server. This actually processes my email request and sends the email to the right address but I am getting the following error on the initial form page:

Why would this error appear if the form works?

The following information is meant for the website developer for debugging purposes. Error Occurred While Processing Request Element TXTFROMEMAIL is undefined in FORM.

The error occurred in D:\Inetpub\longestlife\Feedback.cfm: line 25
23 : <CFMAIL
24 : server="mail.longestlife.com"
25 : from= #form.txtFromEmail#
26 : to="carl@longestlife.com"
27 : subject="Carl!, Another Guestbook Signup!">

First thing I check when I get something like this is to do a cfdump of the form scope at the top of the action page followed by a cfabort. Will show you exactly what is in the FORM scope (and most importantly in this case, what is not). I often misspell the name of a form element in the submission page or on the action page, which causes this cheerful little fellow.

Because the form has a textbox in which u r entering the "from email address" but the textbox not named TXTFROMEMAIL . the mail application is still sending the mail because FROM option is is not mandatory. check the form and find out whats the name/id of the textbox where u r entering the FROM email address.

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