Does anyone know how to pass a php variable into a form field? I want to reproduce what the user typed into a text box in another text box. Is this even possible?

JameZ ;)

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Hello nikez,

Look at this example,
and try it in http://www.fpepito.org/php/test7.php

I hope that help,



if (!isset ($autor)) {
 $autor = "pepito";

echo "Autor : <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=autor VALUE=$autor><BR>\n";
echo "<INPUT TYPE=submit value=\"Send the variable\">\n";
echo "</FORM>\n";


Have a question for you:


if (!isset ($autor)) {
 echo "<FORM ACTION=$PHP_SELF>\n";
 echo "Autor : <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=autor VALUE=Pepito><BR>\n";
 echo "Text : <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=text VALUE=port><BR>\n";
 echo "After date : <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=aft VALUE=2002-01-01><BR>\n";
 echo "Before date : <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=bef VALUE=2004-01-1><BR>\n";
 echo "<INPUT TYPE=submit value=\"Identify\">\n";
 echo "<BR><HR><BR>\n";
 echo "</FORM>\n";
} else {
 include "/home/httpd/html/PHP/connect.php";
 $criteria = "";
 if (isset ($autor) && !($autor == "")) {
  $criteria .= " autor = '$autor'";
 if (isset ($text) && !($text == "")) {
  if (! ($criteria == "")) {$criteria .= " AND "; }
  $criteria .= " desc_pt LIKE '%$text%'";
 if (isset ($aft) && !($aft == "")) {
  if (! ($criteria == "")) {$criteria .= " AND "; }
  $criteria .= " data > '$aft'";
 if (isset ($bef) && !($bef == "")) {
  if (! ($criteria == "")) {$criteria .= " AND "; }
  $criteria .= " data < '$bef'";

 if (!($criteria == "")) {
  $criteria = "WHERE ". $criteria;
 $q = "SELECT * FROM fotos_file $criteria";
 echo "$q<BR>\n";
 $query = mysql_query ($q);
 $res = mysql_num_rows($query);
 echo "<BR>I found $res element corresponding of your demand";

echo "<BR><BR>\n";
echo "<BR><BR><HR><BR><BR><CENTER><A HREF=test6.txt>Load the source</A></CENTER>\n";


What's all the mysql stuff for, just out of curiosity?

:lol: So simple when you think about it...Thanks so much :)


alc: the mysql 'stuff' collects variables from the form when submitted and performs a mysql database search for records that match the submitted information. In that case, autor, text, aft and bef.
Records matching those criteria will be counted and it will display the number of records found.

hello alc6379,

test6.php is one example about another thread 'Advanced mySQL Querys'.
Look at reference:

For this thread (Passing variables into form fields) I have write test7.php that is more simple :)


sorry for my bad language, I hope that my examples is more easy to understand :)

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