So, for the last few months I've been delving into the wonderful world of JavaScript, as I merely knew it as 'that thing you made rollovers with back in the days when there was no CSS'. I've seen many pretty things, especially in the toolkit development sector, there's a lot of choice, and they all seem to have their specific advantages and purposes.

But, I haven't found any toolkit which offers both the graphic connection of nodes (see openjacob) as well as the ability to alter the contents of nodes that are in a tree structure. (nodes that consist of one ore more form elements that hold user input).

The idea is to make some sort of SQL query builder, where a user can drag and drop different nodes on some sort of Canvas, nodes which he then can connect to each other. The contents and operator of each node should be alterable. This would form some sort of connected graph. Ofcourse then there should be error checking and if the query (/tree) is well-formed, it should be executed.

I started out with Dojo, but left it as I couldn't find useful documentation, after which I tried to do it in regular JS, which didn't help me much. Then I bumped into JQuery, which has a nice UI library, I used their drag and drop logic, but got stuck when trying to create graphs between these nodes, which are div's containing one or more form elements. So then I backed off that too, and went looking for that 'holy grail' in the world of JS Toolkits, but after many tries I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

Is there anybody who knows what I could do or try, because I'm getting tired of getting into a JS Toolkit's language, only to realize some days later it can't do what I wanted it to do.

The Drag & Drop and the ability to connect nodes to each other graphically in a tree like way are essential, as is the ability for the user to alter the node's contents/fields.

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Given that the problem description is pretty abstract, there isn't much I can comment on though here are a few thoughts.

I am pretty sure there is nothing which an advanced Javascript toolkit like YUI/jQuery/Dojo *can't* do. Have you tried asking your queries in the concerned forums since there are many things which aren't apparent when using a library? Asking or discussing with people who have been using the library for production use might shed a new light on things.

Also, looking at a sample online SQL designer might help your cause.

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