Could someone point me to resources with info on reading and implementing XML into ActionScript (flash) applications. I don't mean you should just make a google search on "Read XML in ActionScript".

Also, what is your favourite XML editor and why? I tryied XMLSpy but there are some major limitations in the Home Edition.

I appreciate your help!


I didnt get what u actually need?

thanx & regards

My favorite xml, html, and css editor is NOTEPAD.

one of the resource on that is in . Its very good and would surely help you.
Currently i work with XMLSpy Ent 2006 and i think HOme editiion is good too. What do you want from XML editor i mean your need and maybe i know the editor you want. XML Objective is another good one.

have you tried stackoverflow, its not specialist by any means but covers all aspects of programming. In terms of an xml editor, i prefer Liquid XML Studio as i am windows based.