Hi friends!!

This is Sarmadi.
I joined this website just a day back and till now i found it very interesting and useful for IT students.

I am a computer science student. Doing BCA [Bachelor of Computer Application] along with DOEACC A level course.

This is the last semester of my graduation. In this semester we people have to make a project. Within this very semester I will also be doing MCAD( Microsoft Certified Application Developer). We will be taught Asp.net, XML and SQL Server in this certification course.
Its duration is 4 months. This course will help me making my project.

I was wondering what project topic [application] should i choose that would be suitable to build, taking into consideration the course that I will be going through. Many of the topics went through my mind but I could not find any of them with something new or innovative. They all seem to be following the previous traditions.

Can anybody help me with their experienced and innovative ideas?
I will be obliged for any sincere suggestion.

Thanks a lot.

First off what kind of application are you looking at building? a windows app or a web app?

Thanks for the response.

I want to develop a web application.

Alright so you want to make a web app with which lanuage will you be using asp.net with VB or C#? Next question is what kind of guide lines or minimum requirements does this project need to have?

It seems I have not given enough details. Please excuse me for that. I am naive in the field of web development.

I will be using C#.
Requirements include windows, asp.net, sql server. Is it what you meant? Or something else?

No that is a great start. What is the scope of this project? First off do you have a database created or do you have to create one? Can you use anything in this project as long as it works or do you have to stay away from using certain technologies like ajax or javascript along with c#? Also what is the main purpose of this web app? What kind of information will this site be showing to the user?

This project will be specific to an organisation's needs.
No database has been created yet. We will be starting from zero. The front as well as the back end are to be designed and programmed from the beginning.

As far as using the technologies is concerned, we have to use asp.net for the front end designing and sql server for the backend programming. However, using AJAX or Javascript is not restricted. If required, we may use them somewhere provided we get time to gain their basic knowledge. None of us knows about AJAX but we know little bit about Java script.

I guess purpose could not be finalised until we become determined about what project we are going to design.

Ok this is all great. Since you don't have a database and have to create one then you will be familiar with all the tables, coloumns, and data being stored in the database. Ok so I was rereading your post and you are trying to figure out what kind of project to do? Explain a little bit more about that. What kind of organisation would you be building this project for? I know this is a class environment but does this organisation already exist in real life, if so take a look at the current website, maybe that will give you an idea where to start. Obviously you want to improve on what they already have. Another possible starting point is to go to some of the websites your view frequently and see what kind of controls, layout, and visual effect you like and dislike. If its on the web you can duplicate it and give it a personal touch to make it your own. Once you have a few ideas take a peice of paper and kind of draw your site on it. With out knowing more details of what the project needs to include and what kind of organisation it is for I can't go much further into giving ideas for the project. I hope this helps. If you need anything else or can give me more specific details on the project then I would gladdly help.

That was certainly a help.
I will try to follow your suggestions.
Will soon resume the discussion.