hello everyone,
im using php 5.2.6 , apache 2.2.10 and mysql 5 for my server.everything works fine excepts sessions.i have configure the php.ini file for sessions.but still its not working.im using windows platform.can anyone help me to settle this?

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Open php.ini file which is usually in c:\php or c:\php5 or in C:\windows

and look for "save_path" and make sure the folder exists.

Here is how my settings look like
session.save_handler = files
session.save_path = "c:/temp"

Thanks for your kind advice.but still its not working.my folder paths are ok.and session files are also creating at "temp" folder when i run a php script.but php scripts can't access to those created files.

i have used,


to create sessions in login page.and i use the following code at the home page to check weather that user is logged in or not.


i have run this site on a third party server.everything works fine.there for, there should not be any error in this code.i have a doubt about the compatibility of my php version and apache version.do you have any idea about this?or should i install any php extension to enable sessions?

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