Something that I found a very completely good idea, I must say I am still kind of shocked of the version change.

What people thought would be the 2005 forum debut of phpBB 2.2 is no more. :cool: What this means is that, now, its time for phpBB to make a new change.

phpBB 2.2 is gone, VOILA, POOF, GONE. Welcome and greet phpBB 3.0.0 or codenamed Olympus (which was basically previously phpBB 2.2) is now set for an late February or early March release debut of the BETA release. Its a possibility so don't hold me to it.

I have not tried the recent CVS to see if the currently phpBB 3.0.0 is labeled as phpBB 2.1.x still or if it now says phpBB 3.0.0 but I will try.

Lastly, a new thing is that the subSilver forum designer has agreed to do a fully new design for phpBB 3.0.0 since others take the phpBB 2.2 theme and use it to promote the future release of phpBB 2.2 on a phpBB 2.0.x forum.

Its been stated by psoFTX that the new theme will not be released on the BETA release or the RC release, but yet when the 'official' phpBB 3.0.0 comes out will everybody be able to see the full theme so keep looking for that and I am telling you, phpBB is making bigger movements then others underestimated.

Will this be it, their also saying the new theme will be ADVANCED with the rest of the system. Let's wait and see.... :p

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So we're not going to see the new design until 2007? ;)

You are saying they won't release 2.2, but instead release a 3.0?

the new version will be released, what USED TO BE 2.2, will not be version 3.0.0

Young Tech 06;
You may have some of those facts mixed up. (please correct me if I'm wrong)
PhpBB 3.0 is only a suggested idea that has yet to be implemented. In fact if you check the forum for PhpBB you will find that they are forging ahead with beta release this week with 2.2. 3.0 is an idea for the future not a replacement for 2.2 Until PhpBB organizes thier code a bit better they will run into the same issues all over again.


php4ever, let me broaden the horizon for you, check this out.

The title for the topic alone tells it all.

phpBB 2.2 is no more ... meet Olympus

Now read this and I'll clarify it:

Did that cause you to miss a heart beat? [img][/img] Good, it did its job then. So what's this all about? Well the next release will not be version 2.2. Instead it's taking the codename "Olympus" and will, upon release have the version number 3.0.0. Each new release, at least each new minor revision update will take a codename.

That is from the phpBB site., basically, right there its saying that the next release WILL NOT be 2.2, in fact it will be 3.0.0 and the reason for it.....

We use the kernel numbering scheme. The methodology of that requires the major number to change when backward compatibility is broken. That's the case with the new release. Not one style will work "as is", practically no Mods will function. Even the language file contents and structure are completely different. This warrants, in our opinion cause to increment the major number. NB: An upgrade script will obviously be provided (and is currently in beta test) enabling you to upgrade your existing 2.x database to 3.0.0.

It also reduces concern amongst our support teams coping with people noting issues with "phpBB2". A major version increment differentiates clearly between 2.x and this new release.

So to reiterate very clearly, the next major release of phpBB, now 3.0.0 "Olympus" is still en-route. We are very unlikely to hit the initial window for the beta release. I would anticipate instead a late-Feb/early-March release. The final feature list is complete and work progresses on implementing as much of this as possible. Such items include (but are not limited to):

Warning system
Completion of report system
Completion of "new" module system and updating of ACP/UCP/MCP modules

and a number of other minor and more significant items. Of these the ACP poses the biggest component.

I can confirm that "Olympus" will feature an entirely new style produced by Tom "subblue" Bebbard, designer of subSilver. This new style will not ship with the beta, it will not ship with the release candidates. It will only ship with 3.x. This is to prevent the same situation occuring with the new style as happened with 2.x ... designers copying the style for other boards, diluting the "wow factor" upon phpBB 2's release. Such boards can go find themselves a top flight designer if they so wish. I will however say I think you'll like the new style [img][/img]

We are also considering continuing development of the 2.x line (codename yet to be decided [img][/img]). We understand that some people will not upgrade to 3.x, they like the reduced complexity and lower feature count of 2.x ... it does "what they want" so to speak. The 2.x line would see us continue bug fixing along with the introduction, where appropriate, of elements coded for the 3.x line. Such elements could see speed and security enhancements being introduced. While retaining compatibility with the majority of Mods and styles. I say again this is not a "for sure" but it is a probability.

Keep an eye on the announcements forum (or sign up to our mailing list) for further information on phpBB 3.0.0 "Olympus".

Thats the rest of the article so you can read it for yourself. Its actually going to be 3.0.0 and not something planned for the future. Like my title says, phpBB 2.2 is shut down.......... and in comes Olympus 3.0.0

Young Tech 06:

Gathered all that; thanks, I did see OLYMPUS as the project replacing 2.2. However 2.2 is going to be released at the same time. I believe the people implementing that is PHPBB2-PLUS. I generally dont read forums directly since I usually subscribe to them via RSS and respond via email post. So, I missed that there was in fact a difference. Thanks for your correction.

FYI, I run a Five Different boards we use for testing. Honestly I'm not entirely convinced that VBulliten is better. I'm also not convinced that PhpBB 3.0 will be as bug filled as many suggest. So, eagerly awaiting the release of Olympus, We'll examine this issue later when comparing it to 2.2 implementation used by PhpBB Plus.


No insult Jared, but I am lost in your article, can you clarify for me please.

Yes I know because they are going to make it 3.0


Young Tech 06:

To clarify; PhpBB 2.2 is going to be released by PhpBB-Plus since that is a portal system based on PhpBB and all the mods and creature comforts that come with it will not work with Olympus.

For those who have never seen PhpBB-Plus, you can check it out at Its a portal system that has a pretty extensive following.

About the FYI: I just put that in to let you know that I'm looking forward to using Olympus.

Hope that clarifies;

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