I am working on a project that uses many html forms. I am using php5.

How do I take a user back to a form with the values he had keyed in after he presses a submit button and the values sent to another script so that he may make some changes before submitting again.

For now I have a link that takes a user back to the form he had visited but this simply loads the form a fresh.


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not knowing what form structure used this is not necessarily going to work for you, might provide a clue to proceed
in the original form

text for field 1 <input name='field1' value='<?php if isset($field1){echo $field1;} ?>' type=text size=45>
text for field 2 <input name='field2' value='<?php if isset($field2){echo $field2;} ?>' type=text size=45>
text for field 3 <input name='field3' value='<?php if isset($field3){echo $field3;} ?>' type=text size=45>
text for field 4 <input name='field4' value='<?php if isset($field4){echo $field4;} ?>' type=text size=45>

and in the file that parses the submit and sends it back if not correct, send back with the data in some dynamic url

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