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I think you should google 2 things

1. ASP.NET hosting (you need web space to host web sites)
2. FTP (this is how you usually get your files into the web space)


Paste the address of the page you want to view by going there and allow it to load as much as it will and copying it at the address bar then put it into the trusted sites in internet explorer, click these here-tools, internet options, security , (highlight) trusted sites, then click the sites button paste and hit add the url/address there, click OK,OK and you are done reload the page and if it doesn't work at first close the browser restart i and return to the site and it will work if this is your case...... I have to do this on some sites because I have the internet sites area set low; sorry if this isn't your case but it sounds like it. (you can also set the internet sites area up by allowing everything under the sun there but then that defeates the purpose of having it) this is the cure most web sites give but don't tell you, you are allowing them and all others, so
I don't like the idea of the latter setting/cure. Good luck!

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