Hi all,

i want to disable caching of my web page on the client side.

For this, i am adding a cache-control:no-store header to the out going response in my asp.net page.

It is working fine in IE but with a limitation in Firefox.

what i learnt is Firefox is maintaining 3 caches.

i.Memory cache

ii.disk cache.

iii.offline cache

when i sent no-store value in cache control header,i observed following things when i open the page.

1.i typed about:cache command in a new tab to see all the caches.

2.page is not added to disk cache and offline cache

3.page is added to memory cache

4.when i close the browser window,memory cache entry is now removed.

*what i need is..is there any workaround so that my page is not added to all 3 caches of firefox.

actually we can do it manually by configuring the browser but i think we cannot do this ourselves on all the client browsers who are accessing our page. and also we cannot instruct the user to close the window after he finished browsing our page.

Thanks in advance.