hi all,
i have a problem when i click the link in jsp page. whenever i am clicking the jsp page link it wants to open a pdf file, the pdf file is located in remote system. its working properly in Internet Explorer. but i am opning this in FireFox means its not opening. In firefox url that is not showing the exact path. optionally its showing like that:

and my jsp code whichever working fine in Internet Explorer is :


String newpath="\\\\\\copyediting


<a href="<%=newpath%>" target="dynamic"></a>

can any one solve my problem. as soon as possible. thanks in advance.

Set the Content-type and content-disposition headers and send the bytes through exactly as you read them.

Edit: nevermind that. Set your file/program associations in FireFox.

hi all,

i got the solution for this question. thanks for ur replies.

Would be nice if you can post your solution as it may help somebody in the future.
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