I am creating a CMS site in asp.net with flash animation.
I want to write editable text (fields) on a white sheet that opens in an animated form.
The text has to be in asp.net as there is a small query form, and some text (that can
be edited from client's side) in this. I want the white sheet to open (animation) and
then the .net text/fields to appear. Is that possible? How can i super impose this
.net editable text on my flash animation? Please help


r u using any flash controls for placing ur animation???

if u r then u sud check one of the properties of the flash holder (don remember exactly which 1...bt ) sumthing like wmode....change it to transparent....

dat might help...

sory if doesnt work....

Thanks dude 4 ur reply. Please don't be sorry. I appreciate ur response. Thanks again.