first of all I apologise for all the mistakes I am going to do writing in English.

I will try to explain what I should do.
I manage a web site where the owner like to put a sort of newletter for members.
It doesn't sound so difficult... but let me explain carefully...

I work with PHP, JAVA, JSP with professional skill. No ASP. I can manage a server mail.

1)The web site administrator has to manage news ( insert, modify, delete...) and this is simple

2) The members have a private section where they have features. One of these is to subscribe to the newsletter and to choose which one they like to receive among 4 different ones I will call A, B, C, D.
So there are 15 potential different kinds of newletter : A, B, C, D, AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CD, ABC, ABD, ACD, BCD, ABCD.
These 15 newsletters have to be create dinamically.
The system I create check the news entered in the last month, for example, and the system ( I do that by PHP ) create textual files for all the typology of newsletter macthing at least with one member that previously had subscribed to the typology above.

3) Now I have my X different newletter in X different textual files. ( I choose textual newsletter to avoid all the kinds of problems with mail client not supporting html )


These textual newsletter should be put into email's body and every typology of newsletter has to be send to the correspondent members interested in. HOW CAN I DO THTA?

This is what I will do and i think should be the best solution:

I will do a little java software.
Briefly, the software makes queries to the mysql db and associate the textual files created before to the corresponding members and then the software gives all the staff to the server mail which will send from his email address.

I think these should work in a properly and safe way but I accept comments and suggestion. Furthermore, I like to know if there is already a software that makes what I thought so I shouldn't spend to much time in doing it.

I thank all of you for the attention


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Hi, thank you for the advice. I checked www.mailing-manager.com. It seems to be good but not for all the things I do need. Infact in mailing-manager, you have to create the newletter. I need to create them dinamically.

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