Please help! Why doesn't my home page, called mysite/index.asp load when calling the domain name without the 'index.asp'? The domain name is The old index.html is loading fine. When I delete that page from the root directory, the index.asp file isn't recognized.

Anyone have any ideas? Much appreciated...



It works fine with me (no need to type the file name to get the page) so I'm guessing it could be something wrong with your system but that's really way out there.

A better guess would be that IE is still looking for index.html since you've defiantly viewed your site before on your PC and IE has kept a cached version of it. So try clearing out the cache (temporary internet files) and the history and see if it helps :)

Ciao for now.

PS: Try refreshing with F5 first .. and if that doesn't work and you're indeed using IE try Ctrl+F5

I think this is because you do not specified index.asp as one of the default file. Make sure your server/hosting set index.asp in the default file list (normally contains index.html, index.htm, default.html...).

When I click your link, it works fine. This mean default.asp is in the default list.