I really wish I had someone to work on this project in person, it's not like this is something I would really like to share with everyone.

It's a brain scheme that I found with PHP. I would like to keep it a Top-Secret Platform OS.

Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-That's all folks!

What will this "Top Secret" platform need to be able to do?

Technically I'm getting the jist of your reply in the idea that I am asking for someone to do something for me??

It's not what I need it to be able to do, it's what I am going to be putting together and what it will be basically capable of doing.

I don't know why I posted it the way I did. Technically what I am looking to do is find a few friends or what ever that would be interested in helping me with a project that I am going to try and keep top-secret it's not really top-secret, but when I'm done that's what most people would consider it.

I won't say what it is. But in a topiced phrase, it's an internet based top-level domain with a private intranet iframed in php.

i give up, i shouldn't use rip-off artist web schemes for developement at all... I guess I'll just get a job and let the whores keep raking $10000000 dollar ideas into the cess pool of worthlessness;

hundred's of useless websites grace the face of the world wide web of public domain's and sites. not one has any politically correct information or resourcefulness. this site is a great idea, great layout, but hundred's of people that aren't working on anything worth any good, i'm mean, they are, but they're not. everyone seems like laughing hyena that got a scrap and ran-off, dropped it cause it wasn't anything, and left.

look at this perspective, take every "single" one of these posts, put them together, build a project board - if they know what it is offering them, everyone here, that stops by and signs-up, and other's would instantly have a position of employment, it could create a taxed-income for ever.. Only, I still don't think anyone would know what they we're doing. Either way, if I think you can help out with it, I let you in on it. Other than that, I got ton's of projects that come before that one.. or atleast three -

Rambling gibberish like this doesn't really have a place in the technical forums.
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