i want something like timer that we see in rapidshare free usage that makes user to wait for sometime before the download link appears
please give me some code eg

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I would like a double cheese burger and a large shake, and yes, I do want fries with that...

I will trade that for some code, do you take code?

for($i=1; $i>0; $i++)
alert( 'Here is some code');

Alright since you didn't make any effort to understand how this works, i'm going to only briefly explain what you SHOULD be looking for.

search for "Javascript Timer" that is the obvious one.

Now what this does is when the timer expires they turn the visibility of some html element on so you can now click a link to download.


what i imagine is a more controllable method would be to make a quick ajax call for a uniquely generated url, so you couldn't bypass the timer.

Come back with some code or an example of what you cant get to work and i think everyone around here will be a lot more willing to help you.

btw: I haven't tested the code above, so it may or MAY NOT do what you want it to do...... :twisted:

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