Hi all,

I have just created a template for my website and then have put in my GOOGLE Adsense script in it.

When i open it with Internet Explorer. The page gets displayed nicely.

But when i open it with Mozialla Firefox it doesnt display any Adsense ads.
Secodnly the error log shows an unknown character error.

"http://sim.byethost4.com/Golf.html " This is that Page.
I am basically a C++ Programmer and donot have much knowledge on Javascript (currently).

Here is the clicky of that link CLICK ME

The page was actaully created by my c++ program and not by my editor so could that be a problem and how do i make firefox show ads ?

It does not work in IE7 either
there are several hundred nul characters scattered at random through the source
redo with a text only editor, or change the editor used config to save html as plain text

I have sorted it out. Thanks for your help :)