hi i am trying to add a picture to jsp page.
i'm using netbeans software.

the problem is when i run the page the picture is shown with red x mark.

the picture is available from ie and i restored my security settings to default.

What is the structure of your web project and how did you declare image in the document?

PS: IE is not to be trusted. Firefox is much better in following w3.org standarts

my picture is declared like this:

<img hspace="380"src ="board.gif" align ="center" width="300" heigh="300">

the web page is .html file.
the picture is also available from firefox.

WEB PROJECT STRUCTURE not web page, something like this


  • index.html
  • login.html
  • page1.html
  • page2.html
  • images
    • img1.jpg
    • img2.jpg
    • img3.jpg
  • css
    • style1.css
    • style2.css
    • style3.css



the index page has frameset with two frames that referenced to page1 and page2.
the image is on page 2.

Your original declaration

<img hspace="380"src ="board.gif" align ="center" width="300" heigh="300">

is pointing to same level location as your pages. Therefore it will not find the image. You should have it like this

<img src ="images/board.gif" width="300" heigh="300" align ="center" hspace="380">

it worked out.