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I am using Visual Studio 2008 and I was wondering is there a way to get the colour of text in a menu item to change color during a mouse over. So for example, if I was cycling through a list of items, the item that was currently selected would be black, and all other items would be grey.

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Yes create a css class in a stylesheet for the text color you want then from the menu properties under Styles you can enter the class name in the CssClass field for DynamicHoverStyle and/or StaticHoverStyle

Yes you can do that.
Do this in your stylesheet (.css file):


In your code file whereever you are creating the menu, include the created style name(colorchange).
for example if its a link, do the following <a class="colorchange" href="[your link]">Item1</a> The above code will keep the color of the text(Item1) as gray normally but when you hover(do a mouse over), color will change to black.

Hope that helps.

Hi Team,

I have a previously existed code for that i want some special efects like MouseOver.I am using ASP.Net will u guide me in which way i have to reach the MouseOver and Give some Ideal Coding to Analyse.


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