We have developed a website which connects to a third party Server and sends a request with some data, and receives the result and displays in our Website. We used IIS server to host this site.

How this IIS server handles if two different users send data to server simultaneously? Will it handle the requests separately, or is there a risk that the requests/responses could get mixed up?

Please suggest us ASAP, as it is urgent to us.

Thanks In advance,

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I am not sure how to answer the question other than:


We would all be in a lot of trouble if IIS was not able to handle 2 users at the same time and keep them seperate.


I am also facing this really weird problem, we are using iis 6/0 and asp.net 1.1. we have this page, and inside you click a button and a second modal page loads up. parent and child situation.
anyway, we have this freak bug where if 2 users click simulatenously on 2 different computers on the "details" button, they will both get the same child page!!! which is relevant for only one of them, and the other sees a clone!!!! and not his request. we printed the Session ID & page hash code and they are the same!!!!

did anyone encounter this?


ok, problem solved. appearently we were using the OutputCache directive which caused the problem. removed it and problem solved.

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