Good morning!

What I am trying to do is: display some text, wait 3 seconds (so the person can read it) and redirect that person to a different web page.

I can get it to either:

1 - Display the text or
2 - Sleep(3) and redirect them to the specific web page.

But I cannot get it to do both.

Can somebody please point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance

echo "Your username and password do not match our records";
header("Location: movie_registration.php");

There are many problems with that.
1 - Unless you spacificaly tell it, PHP will wait till the end of the script before sending ANY information to the browser so that script would not be sent till after 3 seconds.
2 - If it was shown then header() would not work as headers need to be sent before any data.
3 - Most browsers (IE, Netscape/firefox etc) only update the display every 100bites or so

Try this

header("Refresh: 3;URL=movie_registration.php");		
echo "Your username and password do not match our records";

This will display the page but tell the browser to refresh after 3 seconds to the new page
Sam Rudge

Perfect solution to my problem. Thank you!

Oh that worked perfectly!

Thank you so much for the explanation! That makes sense to me now.

- Jim

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