Greetings to you ..


First thanks for all ... and keep it up
i'm using ASP.NET 2008 C#.NET

i have controlpanel.aspx page .. this page i don't want from any user not login to see it ..

when user login and user name and password is ok then
show for this user controlpanel.aspx .... and also save cookies in his computer ..

like this forums i can't post new thread after login

i want that way using in vbulletin when you sign in there are check box . you can check it to save your password to visit site without sign in again ..............
i hope understand what i mean

your fast action is highly appreciated

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have you started coding? if not then start it, if you get stuck then help is always there


hi carobee
even now .. i did not start coding.. i''m still searching and i found some information 'you can use FormsAuthentication ' but till now.. i'm study this ..if you want to give help , please

your fast action is highly appreciated

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