It's hard to explain this but I will do my best.

I am building an Intranet application which needs to authenticate users off Active Directory after identifying them through their Windows login username. Below are the series of events that need to happen:

1. User logs onto their Windows desktop within the company.

2. The user pulls up a web browser and enters the Intranet app URL e.g. http://companyintranet

3. As soon as the user hits the app the authentication module kicks in to work out who they are.

This is where the business logic should work out the current user's Windows login username. When it's got the user's Windows login username it can then use that information to get more information about that user such as all the people in the organization they are a part of, the building address, etc. from AD or a SQL query. Also, in this web app, decisions can be made based on the logged in user: some pages or actions might be restricted to only logged in users, or to a certain subset of users; other pages might show information specific to the logged in user, or might show more or less information, depending on what user is viewing the page.

Active Directory is already set up and operational.

Can someone help me to write a VB.Net Active Directory
wrapper class which I can use to pull out the the data from AD?

Anyone has a clue how I can sort this puzzle out?

Thanks for your reply....

use identity object to further authorise users.

What and where can I find this?